Turkish: Kervan Sofrasi – North London

If you’re looking for great Turkish food at a reasonable price then this your place. The portion size will be sure not to leave you hungry – and there will probably still be leftovers, which I always bring home. I love restaurants that focus less on the fancy dinning wear and more or authentic flavours. With its simple interior and traditional food Kervan will give you everything you need for your dining experience.

There are 3 Kervan Sofrasi’s in North London, 2 in Edmonton and 1 in Southgate, (click to visit to website). They all serve the same food but I think the Southgate restaurant is their best one. Value for money is great and when I go with friends or family we often get some platters to share, the Kervan Special which is just £32.50. These contain a bit of everything Lamb and Chicken chops, wings shish and donner, you name it and its there, also served with rice, cous cous and bread.

I rarely order starters as they provide you with bread and salad free of charge, sometimes i’ll order hummus as it goes well with the bread. One dish I definitely would recommend the Lahmacun as a side, it’s a thin piece of crispy dough topped with onions, peppers, tomato, chilli and parsley, incredible flavours and irresistible taste. If you love meat then you’ll definitely be able to find something great on the menu.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been here as I’ve lost count, it’s probably one of my go to restaurants as its not too far nor is it too expensive, I’ve celebrated birthdays and different occasions and they’re great at serving large parties.

Rating: 5/5


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